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The big Saturday game is in the books. Uh well, the big practice is in the books given Coach Helton no longer plays a mock game anymore. Yet another take away for the fans and players. Oh well, we fight on regardless. With Coach Helton the traditions are changing. AD Swann seems pleased and his putter is packed and ready for the Masters as his new boss gets settled in to her new role as President of USC. Good luck President Folts a Trojan nation wishes you all the best and no blade is sharp enough to clean out this group of leaders and start a new. There are many challenges for President Folt but if her past history reveals anything it is hope from her experience at the University of North Carolina. She took them all on and held her ground well. I for one see the glass as half full.

So, if you were investing your heart and soul into the 2019 season how are your feeling? Bullish as to what we have heard (mostly) and seen if you had the pleasure of attending the practices this spring? Or are you still pessimistic and selling your seats for the 2019 season? Opinions are welcome and no view is wrong as they are your opinions to share below in our comment section. If you are a new parent to USC and your son is now a Freshmen on the roster or joining this summer then I would think you are buying seats as so far the media has been very open to the idea that this years Clay Helton post Darnold team has a new attitude and step in the right direction under newly hired Graham Herrell and the Air Raid offense he is installing.

If however you are a parent of a player who has been under the management of Helton for any length of time how are you feeling about 2019? I will take a leap and say, probably unsure. The reason I take that position is the same reason Clay is challenged as a leader. He is way too optimistic and relying on his charm more than his talent. Can’t really blame him as he is still learning how to deal with the LA and National Media. The stars know how to do this. Saban and Dabo handle the media as if they were a meal. Clay just tries to be Clay and wants everyone to love his team and is humble to the core. Nice qualities but are they winning combinations?

Ok, so here is why Im buying seats. The talent on the roster is there. Has been for many seasons. The staff is where I believe the BUY sign is out. Oh and they can only go up from 5-7 so thats a plus too. Most importantly is the hiring of Harrell and Jinks. These two-hires are in my playbook key. If CEO Helton stays true to his word and let’s the coaches coach and the players play then give me the 50 yard line seats and I will pay dearly to watch the 2019 USC Trojans play against anyone. This is where the big question mark lurks. This is where 2019 will be defined. Can head coach Clay Helton be true to his word and let go. Inside the 20 yard line and every inch of grass outside of that red zone. Will our special teams settle on a KEY focal return specialist and find the next Adoree Jackson? Will Clancy Pendergast rise up to the challenge and have a deep and well disciplined team in 2019? Im betting Yes.

Fight On

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