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USC Creating Fear and Uncertainty

USC Football fans have seen this before. From the early days of spring camp through summer camp and eventually fall camp where everything comes together for the launch of another season. We have had our hype years of the Helton era where great recruiting classes fell short of expectations and seasons melted away fast. The resume of a head coach matters and today we have the right coach at the right time with a tune-up year as we depart the PAC-12 Conference for a chance to compete at the highest levels every week.

Gone are the days when you win it in the media. Maybe recruiting will continue to be in the eyes of the media but if you don't have the right stuff in the locker room and a culture that is dominating the team uniting as one locker room well you have what we have seen for many of the past 10 years. Lots of emotional drains by week 4 of the season when reality sets in hard.

Last year the Trojans surprised. We all had that hope but it was guarded. I had the Trojans losing 3-4 games and leaning on the 4 losses. But they made us all lean in as each week we saw the true power of the Lincoln Riley offense led by the Heisman Trophy winner, Caleb Williams. This kicked everything into high gear. Recruiting became an event not a scheduled day at the Coliseum anymore but an event. You want to be there. You make it known you are coming. We now have what I believe is the beginning of a program and program that can sustain itself over time. Sure we will lose pieces here and there and injuries are a difficult side to a full-contact sport but the depth is here. The depth is creating more dept with the law of attraction in full force.

Join the excitement here each week as we begin to kick the blog into season mode once again.

Fight On

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