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USC Defense | Risky Business

A flashy defense but one that clearly needs to shut the big plays down in 2017. This defensive unit is a year older. Lost two key pieces of the defense in Stevie T and Adoree Jackson but come on folks this defense is loaded with talent. We can all complain about the rankings of this defense but didn’t we all love the attacking attitude that was on the field? Didn’t we all lean forward on every critical play and then high five the sacks, interceptions or tackles for loss? Yes we did. We also cringed on the over aggression and missed opportunities too.

Which one is our desired state? I for one believe that an attacking team is the one you want. Blessed with great talent and solid coaching this years Trojans are going to be more prepared than last year. They have taken it on themselves to muster the internalizing of their individual assignments and learn from each other starting this past spring and in to the player only camp.

Now its Fall Ball week. Now it’s time for the entire team to grace the hallowed halls of Heritage Hall and recommit to the focus and eternal challenge that College Football offers in the quest for the National Championship. Anything less is failure. Some may disagree but every year in every decade of the USC Football Tradition we see this attitude and desire. It is why the Trojans are who they are and their fans are who they are as well. Privileged attitude? Perhaps. But tradition of the Cardinal & Gold is well defined by excellence and superior performance.

This is a must have year and the offense will do it’s part. The Defense is where we will see the make or break season come to fruition. The special teams will be right there with work to be done on the kicking game. The Defense under Coach Pendergast is where this years National Championship will be won or lost.

Fight On!

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