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USC Defense Takes Down SJSU

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Well, the game was definitely not the pace we had been hoping for. Early drives looked promising and then that stale walk up to the offensive line stare and Clay for 15 seconds with hands on hips while the defense has time to figure out Grahams next play then snap the ball with less than 5 seconds on the play clock. Sound familiar? It is and it was. This team will never get to its full potential under Graham Harrell's play book and play calls. Is he calling the plays?

Now on the defensive side of the ball we looked very good and ready. Loved the active line and secondary was for the most part glued on their man. Todd Orlando, the new Coach O2 did a good job getting the players ready and aware of the ample passing attack of San Jose State. Tip of the hat to Orlando and the defense.

Not much else to recall as I was having a hard time staying interested in this one. Really enjoyed the defensive tempo and high octane play that will only get better. So now we have Stanford up next who sort of got Arlington'd by KSU. David Shaw is still David Shaw and he will find a way to be ready for the Trojans next Saturday. Problem is his personnel on this years team didn't show well and its his tried and true all-in offense with the beef line trying to game control the clock and plow its way to victory. No arial display but as they say game one is typically not going to show the play book for obvious reasons. Maybe that was Grahams choice yesterday? Hmmmm

Fight On Beat the Trees

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