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Drake London is lights out one of the most aggressive and talented receivers to grace the pages of USC history. Tenacious. Spirited play. Structured in his routes and flat out gamer. When I think of Trojan WR's past he will be right up there. I think being able to watch and learn while Michael Pittman was pretty much defining the role similar to Drakes he had a great mentor.

These stats, albeit early in the season, do represent his off field preparation pre fall season and his overall commitment to being the best at his position bar none. Expect great things for Drake now and in the future as his world will definitely be growing in awareness and popularity as he finishes his collegiate career and sets his sights on the next level of the NFL. I only hope he can get to my J E T S as they could desperately use his talents. All apologies to the London Family if that indeed happens as my J E T S are not exactly showing signs of improvement just yet.

Here's to a big finish for Drake London. Fight On!

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