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USC Exiting 2020

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

While everyone shares the excitement of 2021 and good riddance to 2020 we also as USC fans wonder about the upcoming spring season. Where will this team launch from? Who stays and who goes to the NFL early as that is on deck right now. Lot’s of early questions but they sure feel like wipe on wipe off every year with Clay Helton as head coach. There seems to be a good core of second and third level staff on the recruiting front. Now what all need to see is that we can take these high school athletes and mold them and develop them to be competitive at the top of the power five conferences and be ready for the next level. The law of attraction will take care of itself. Look at Alabama pre Saban and compare to now. He tosses more Five Stars than Helton can attract today.

Starting off in 2021 we have an opportunity to silence all of those who have lost hope. Can Helton be in charge of this level of change? The answer in his body of work is no. It’s no today and it’s no tomorrow. The fan base being asked to buckle up we are this close well we hear this every year. We need a head coach that threatens to quit if he isn’t in the mix for a playoff seat. Thats what you want as the Captain of this once proud program.

We saw some really good potential the past two years. The hype from the media is always going to try and place USC high in the rankings deserved or otherwise. I have my opinion and I’m sure you all do as well. USC needs to change their entire practice culture to get this program to a level of physical competitiveness that pulls the program up to the level of the top 20 teams in the nation. Its that simple quite frankly which get’s us back to the desired mental state of a coach who wants to be Faith Family and uh Football. That is the key. Clay will never change who he is for crying out loud he keeps telling us he is papa san to his boys. He does’t tolerate an assistant coach going after his prized students. Never going to get to a respect for Football with Clay. He treats his practice as if he is the summer camp director and all the parents kids will get their participation trophy.

Fight On

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