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USC Fall Camp | Day One

As the late great Al Davis so famously stated, “Autumn Leaves are falling”, but not quite yet. We call it Fall Camp but make no doubt about it we are in the heat of summer across the country. Those leaves can wait a few more weeks or so. USC Football is back online. Did it ever go offline? We as a fan base will never be satisfied with just seasonal chit chat. We love our game and each of us has our favorite conference and team within it.

USC conducted its first of 29 practice sessions yesterday and the crowd was in the 250+ range and well attended. They better get their feel and fulfillment as come Tuesday we are locked out (the public) from attending. The USC Compliance office is not taking any chances as we have been all too accustomed to. Monday which is Day 2 of Fall Camp will be the last of the public welcome sign for practice. USC goes in to the recruiting dark period and does not want to take any chances with conversations crowding a recruits ability to attend.

Saturdays Day One of camp went very well. No injuries. Timing was spot-on for a first practice. This is a combination of spring camp and player only camp where the timing and leadership is so critical to kicking off fall camp. It showed. This team is focused. They are not looking for any mirrors and listening to the players and coaches talk after practice they are not happy with their season of 2016. They are not sitting back and wondering of what might have been. They are angry for not getting in to the playoffs. This is such a welcome new approach to the Tradition we are so spoiled by. The Trojan Legacy is alive and well under Coach Clay Helton and staff. This team has that extra step and stay late attitude.

Looking forward to Day Two on Monday. If you are attending get their early as it is a work day in LA even though we are in the summer zone. Enjoy the day.

Fight On

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