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USC Fall Camp | Nice Problems To Have

2017 USC Fall Camp has now officially ended. With the controlled scrimmage now in the books we will be heading in to a mock home game week preparing for Western Michigan. Looking back to the high paced fall camp its abundantly clear that this years Trojans are very talented and deep. They are also very young which is good news and challenging.

The fan base wants results that warrant the Trojans being back on top of college football. Lot’s to prove here but when you see a defense that clearly is way ahead of last years team this point in time and as compared to the number one offense dominated in all areas you can rest assured that USC 2017 will be in all the games they play. The juice will be flowing in the defensive seconday as they were flying aroung the ball and lets not forget they played against one of college footballs anticipated top QB’s in Sam Darnold.

The offense took its share of lumps as the defense dominated them day in and day out. Now the defense does have insider knowledge on the play book but so does the offense on the defense so to speak. Just pointing that out. I think the move to sit the number one defense on Saturday was a smart pyschological move for both sides. The defense clearly earned a day off and the offense needed to see that they can move the ball effectively. Which they did.

Very impressed with the Running Back crew. This is a crew make no doubt about it. They will have so many combinations to mess with the defensive alignments and with RoJo coming out of the backfield as a receiver he will get to test open space with his new found skills with ball reception. Great improvement year over year for RoJo. New to the team this year is #7 and Stephen Carr. He was not only entertaining but menacing with his cuts and vision to the end zone. He became an iteresting option and will see a lot of playing time this year. Hopefully we will get a few kickoff returns with Carr as he showed great vision and line selection when coming out of the end zone. Ah to be deep at the running back position once again. We are very excited here.

Matt Fink closed out strong. He looks like the clear #2 to Sam Darnold and quite frankly is another year over year pleasant surprise. Hopefully we wont have to see him rushed on to the field but if we have to use Matt unplanned I believe he will do a good job. Jack Sears battled tough and showed a nice touch on the ball deep. He will get to drive the scout team and hte last guy to shine there was Mr. Darnold so lets hope for a re-take on Jack Sears in his role getting the defense ready each week!

Fight On

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