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USC Football Setting The Table

While most who had the chance to see the game in person have been very happy if not impressed with what they saw this is very early still. Lincoln Riley and his laser-hired staff are setting the table. They are making sure the forks, knives, and spoons are all where they should be when they should be there. Even that annoying short salad fork which I have never understood the need for.

With the first spring under their belt with the severely small roster today they got it done in style. They had it all on display nationally and from the media to the fans and future Trojan Players (Recruits), this was done flawlessly. Even our newly found Trojan Fans in Norman Oklahoma were watching in their suites while attending their own OU Spring Game. Now that is the best recruiting we can ask for of the former fans of the Sooners who are slowly but surely coming to the Coliseum and our beloved USC Trojans. That was something.

As Coach Riley continues the look a the menu for the fall kickoff he will be adding new ingredients to the choices he and the staff will have come kickoff in September. Lots to happen in the Transfer Portal and the clock is literally counting down minutes until a player who wants to transfer and play in 2022 has to announce and commit. May first will be here in the blink of an eye and at that point, we will know the true depth of the roster for the start of fall camp and of course the 2022 season itself. So far so good on the talent that has arrived these new Trojans are not only looking good on the field but they are adding solid leadership in the locker room and their presence is respected not feared. This is how culture changes and how programs get back on track towards success and repeatable deliverables in the future.

There are never any promises in spring camp. Never a guarantee on the starting lineups but we did see several players who are earning their position as starters and the hitting was finally there for a spring game. Haven't seen that in ages. I believe the eye candy we were hearing about is material to what was on display in the spring game. I believe that these young men and coaches have what it takes to 180 the USC Trojan program finally. I do believe that as this table completes its settings we will have some number of new rostered scholarships added to the 60+ we have today and they will be meaningful players who will compete for their position on game day.

Great time to be a Trojans. Welcome to all our new friends and family in Norman we do appreciate you and thank you for your continued support.

Fight On!

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