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USC Football | Spring Up Next

The Trojans survived today with National Signing Day now behind us. The program has a mix of three’s and fours with one five star. One four star turned around and made no final commitment but hey this is a Media Day so lets let the young man and his family enjoy the moment and make the right decision for all. I really wish the NCAA would end this VERBAL crap as it means nothing. Just allow for one signing day early or February and be done with it.

Next up is Spring Camp followed by Fall Camp. These camps are critical for this program and bringing this team 180 degrees from where it ended the 2018 season at 5-7. The record could have easily been a 10 win season. Yes I said it. This team showed spurts of excellence but unfortunately the staff did not have them prepared to finish any game. They were out muscled and out smarted. This has to stop.

To turn this ship around its all about setting the tone in Spring. The early enrollee’s need to see that the USC they loved the school that they followed in their youth is still there. The Football program is meaningful to the institution USC. Image and aspirational goals matter and can be a huge lift to a program seeking direction and leadership.

2019 Spring Camp in March is going to be a bell ringer. Whether or not the strength of the bell tone will be heard beyond the walls of USC is up to the Head Coach, Clay Helton. Helton has to amp it up. He has to go back to his “Iron Sharpens Iron” statements and this time deploy the sword and create the competition in the trenches that I believe he was eluding to. He too must sharpen his delivery and he knows he is accountable.

If Lynn Swann has any interest in truly turning this around he must show up. He must face the fans through the media and accept that his views are not shared by all when it comes to his decision on Leadership for Football. He made the choice to extend Clay and Clay accepted. Time to move on.

It’s time for players, coaches, administrators and Fans to stand together and give this team every ounce of our support regardless. Some will choose to leave and thats fine. Some will stay in anger and that too is fine. But come game day we must support and we must show that in it’s darkest moments as a football program there is a line of fans ready to serve.

To Lynn Swann

You must show up on Day One of Spring Camp. You rose up in support of your decision to extend Clay now show up. Be the true leader of the Athletic Department. Hide in plain sight and be willing to exchange with the fans at all cost. You have very little to lose and should gain in credibility should you rise to the occasion.

Fight On!

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