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For the past 3 years we (USC24x7) have been working on an idea/project where we would have a Seasonal Contest where our registered (No Fee) visitors could predict the outcome of each weeks games. The system is being completed this week and you can visit and register today.

We never charge for visiting our site. We use Google Ads to generate income that sustains the site and allows us to keep the lights on for the servers. All good. As we are launching Im sure there will be many ideas that pop up and we will gather those and consider them should they have a positive impact to everyone’s experience now and in the future.

One such feature, I won’t mention names, wants to offer a Cash Prize version where the registered players would pay a fee to play and then the top 3 would have a payout of the total pool. Interesting idea but not what we are rolling out in 2019 unless I get a wave of boo’s in the comments field.

For now, click on the link too scroll to the top menu and click on Game Day. This will take you to the weekly game area where you can register and place your best guesses on each game. The full season is now posted so we are taking your guesses now.

Your predicted scores will result in a net score that shows how accurate you were on the Home and Visitor final score. The lowest differential (Zero being best) would win and each week the standings will be updated to show where you stand in the Top 3 Chase.

You must enter for the entire season and each week you can adjust your score as things do happen and your opinions may change over the course of the season. Check back often. All predictions must be submitted 30 minutes prior to each weeks game kickoff. The system will lock the games and at that time you will see your prediction (for the current game only) and your competition.!

Have fun and Fight On!


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