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USC Football | Work in Process

There are many ways to look back at this season game by game. There were clearly expectations that the team would come out of the gate and wallop Western Michigan. An expected tough game against Stanford followed by a blow out win against Texas leading up to a big win against California on the first road game of the season. So, here we sit at 4-0 at the top of the PAC-12 South and the PAC-12 for that matter but it doesn’t feel good in that pit of the stomach that never lies.

We all feel that uneasy tension. With the exception of one game where everything came together in a game that was suppose to be deeply challenging the season has been on the edge if 3 of the four games. Only the Stanford game has this team shown what people who know the game felt they were capable of. So, what went on in that game that we haven’t seen in the other three? Coaching? Attitude? Injuries? The Media hype playing havoc on our star QB-1?

So many possibilities or are we just staring at an old fashioned work in process that will take the 13 game win streak to The Cougars of Washington State this Friday night and turn it on full throttle? Oh, for the record, they better! This Cougar team is looking like they are ready. Didn’t I say that last year about the Cougs? I will have to go rewind the blog and see what I thought about them last year after four games.

Clay Helton has to be feeling the pressure. Sounds crazy but that’s what happens when you become the head coach of USC or Notre Dame, etc. It comes with the amazing gift that one person receives the trust in a program that isn’t allowed to lose. Not a single game. Ever. Never ever. You must win and win big. Beat everyone and anyone on any given Saturday, uh Friday.

Trojan fans want the best. Demand the best and have witnessed the best over time. Long live this tradition for it forms the very nature of Trojan Pride and Fight On. This years team needs to stare at the mirror. This years coaches need to think about the game plan and when things are not working you need to create new ways to get back to your core which is physically running the football between the tackles.

If last year is any indication it was after the first four games where the 2016 USC Football team began to believe in themselves. They began to trust in a freshmen quarterback who replaced a popular QB-1 in Max Browne. Sam Darnold needs to rip the stereo head phones and iPads from his view. Go 100% Football and let ESPN find someone else to mold and model for the Heisman. Go be Sam Darnold and focus on what your God given talent has been provided to you and your family. You can throw that switch in a nano second. Ditch the Hollywood lights and turn on Friday Night Lights in the heard of the State of Washington and Beat the Cougs.

Fight On

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