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USC Game #1 | Recap

Well to say we were one lucky team is a bit harsh. But it sure felt that way. The tip of the hat goes to a hell of a game played by the University of Western Michigan. This team was 13-1 and only lost in the Cotton Bowl which is no knock on the team at all. They were one game away from the longest winning streak in the nation going in to this season. This afternoons game was not won by skill. It was won by skilled depth. That’s a lethal combination on any Saturday but when its over 100 degrees in the LA Coliseum that’s a victory about to happen. WMU played a heck of a first half. But couldn’t finish what they started.

Funny thing happened on the way to the end zone on the very first possession. It was too easy. It set a tone that coaches fear when leading so quickly. The other team was clearly flat footed coming out of the tunnel. But they reacted and came back to fight the Trojans and lead for most of the game into the third quarter. Game on. This one had Corso flipping in his game day chair for sure as he put the Trojans in the Palace way too soon.

So what did we learn? Cam Smith gets the game ball. His absence was killing us. It also tells us that if he gets hurt it’s going to be a long season up the middle. Take note Stanford. Were the Trojans looking to game #2 and their most hated rival in recent times, Stanford? You bet they were.

Did the Trojans show something today? Yes, they can run and run and run. They are blessed and need to trust the ball in the hands of the RB’s. Game control like that has been a long time in the waiting. We have it. We have to use it. Sam and his receivers were off today. It was the running game and the changes at halftime on the defensive line and middle that sealed this comeback victory.

Fight On

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