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USC Game Day | Colorado Buffalos

Game Day Saturday is one of those lines that never gets old. When Friday night ticks away at midnight the anticipation of Game Day is all over the TV screen and our minds. Well some of us. If you are reading this I would suggest you are no different than I. We watch a team develop with new arrivals in the Spring and say goodbye to those we loved watching the past year. The season starts and our expectations from all the hype and drama of Spring and Fall camp are now exposed to the world of college football fans everywhere.

As the season flows through each week those impressions and hype either build or are destroyed. The earlier the better as to some of us the end of season disappointment is something we carry way too long. Every team in every year is special to someone. Whether its the devoted fan who will never get enough or the families and friends of those who work so hard in practice each week to prepare for the next game. We all want champions. We all want to share in that one moment that is like no other. That win that we all focus on and hope for plays out in our heads over and over. Then it happens. One game and the season can change.

Today in front of a Pac-12 Network audience (sad) we will see if this years Trojans can finish. No waiting for next week, which point of fact, they could win the South with a victory today or next week against arch rival UCLA. Do this now. Finish this today for yourselves, your families and those of us that feel like family when it comes to the Cardinal & Gold. Be the Trojans that we know you are and take this game early. Put your right foot on the pedal and floor it. When things are in your grasp you need to close out. Today is your turn to take matters into your own hands. Then one game at a time reach for the next level of development as we head in to Pac-12 Championship game. From their who knows. We have made our bed with two key losses but those are in the past. The future is Levi Stadium. The future is a big Bowl Game invitation and maybe just maybe a playoff ticket. Crazy happens. Remember the Rose Bowl 2017 and never give up.

Fight On. Beat the Buffalo and win the South.

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