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USC Game Day | Update

Great progress with our development team on the new interaction experience you will have this season. Same layout so you won't have to re-learn anything at all. We are within 2-3 weeks of the go-live from what I reviewed this past week and I had my first test run. Some of the new features to be released:

  1. The ability for all registered players to change their Nick Name

  2. The My Guesses section is completely overhauled so you can interact with other players as well as Follow Other players you compete with. All in good fun.

  3. Adding ONE Big Ten game each week so we will have 2 games per week. When there is a BYE week for USC we will add a top PAC game to make your best guess

  4. New Video Page - I won't describe just yet

  5. Our new TV Channel will now be on it's own page

Stay tuned almost there.


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Jun 04, 2023

Hold for 2 weeks on entering score predictions for the B1G. USC games are fine outside of some of the Game Times are not announced yet. We imported a B1G list that was not quite accurate so we will be unwinding a few games listed and update shortly.


May 26, 2023

Our site is now back office completely restored and updated. I will do a video that will show the new functionality you now have and a peak at the video room as well. All games for 2023 including 1 game a week for the Big 10 are now live and you can sign in and enter your very early score predictions and update up until 30 minutes to kick off as usual.

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