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Attitude is a funny thing. Sometimes teams just bring it every game. Many of the great Celtic and Laker teams had that attitude that when they showed up it didn't matter who they were playing or where. They were going to not only win but dominate.

USC had it all on the line today. They were home in the Galen Center. They had a national audience so the media could see they were real. But they forgot to show up. They played against a very inspired team in Arizona and the Cats took it to them. Hi-Low offense at it's best and really uncovered a weak area of the USC Defense unfortunately right in the paint. Tip of the hat to Coach Miller for getting his team ready for what should have been a very close game. The score was not indicative of the win by AZ.

USC has to find a way to win the games that matter most. Coach Andy has had this on his back since day one. The hype then the good-looking run and then flat on his face he goes with a loss when it appeared he was heading in the right direction. Easy to say, but it's one game and one game is not a season. When you are being discussed as a possible 4th seed for the tournament with 2 weeks to go in the season that's about as bad as it gets. I told you so will be in the news tomorrow morning and perhaps already given Twitter.

Let's hope Andy can finish this season strong unlike uh Clay.

Fight On

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