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USC In The Driver Seat | Bring On Colorado

The 2018 USC Trojan football team is close to claiming the Pac-12 South and a ticket to Levi Stadium and a chance to be Pac-12 Champions. Win in Boulder and beat the Buff’s and then the beaten up UCLA Bruins will be your last test of 2017. Colorado is one tough cookie to disect. They were not expected to do too much but thats after a year where they were soaring. Truth be told if you take their cupcakes off their first three wins they lived up to everything we thought they were. Denny Green (RIP) would be proud. They hung with UCLA and almost beat Arizona and beat another odd school in CAL who played the Trojans even for 3 quarters.

If USC has 14 penalties and over 130 yards returned to the bank they will be in a struggle to beat the Buffalos. The Buff’s can play tough at home and have a very enthusiastic fan base. Will Vegas favor the Trojans by 17+? We think so and this has not gone well for the Trojans in fact you would be making money betting against the spread for the most part. Just a fact and when expectations are high you earn the coat you wear.

Shout out to Tyler Vaughan’s and his consistent route running. Does everyone see how this young man is coming back to Same and looking like a huge target and still catches the ball past the sticks? Anyone? Nice work #21.

Colorado will be inspired Saturday afternoon at 1p. Nothing to lose and everything to gain in the comfy confines of the home stadium. The player to player match ups favor the Trojans. I believe that Coach Helton and the staff need to treat this game as a playoff must win. Don’t take this team like the cupcake they appear to be.

USC is slowly getting key skilled positions healthy aleit not everyone will be available come Saturday. We will report on Wednesday evening how things are shaping up for the plane ride to Denver.

On a positive note we control our desitny unlike last year. We control how high this program will look back on come January. This game and the last game against UCLA will be key indicators that this team can finish a season strong again like last year.

USC should win and should cover any spread thrown at it and for Coach Helton’s sake he needs a big win. The RB’s are asking for more touches so give them the dammed ball and let that improved offensive line do what it is doing best.

Fight On!

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