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USC Moving On

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Many fans, myself included, were holding out that small chance of hope that the USC Administration would wake up one day and announce a new head coach. Clay Helton is a nice guy who got his chance on a stage way too big for his resume. I have said this many times, he is in over his head but not by his own doing. People like to point blame on Helton for all that is wrong with the program at USC. He is not alone in this heavy weight.

It all starts with Pat Haden and is now in the hands of AD Michael Bohn. Pat Haden was probably one of the worst AD's in USC history and maybe the NCAA at large. Another one that was not ready for the role handed to him and boy did he show us how unprepared he was. Haden had to deal with an enormous period of pain for the USC Football program. No excuse he was paid well to do a job that he let get away from him and made hasty decisions on key moments of the history of the Trojan Football program. Just the facts of a dark period of time after Camelot ended so swiftly.

This past week we saw the hope of the "fix" fade to Florida. Urban Meyer is now the head coach of the NFL Jacksonville Jaguars. A job that I believe will be a good decision by the Meyer family. For USC fans it was like a kick in the ass and a shoving to the curb that the one guy who was local and appeared like it was the perfect fit for the head coaching position at USC was now a fading memory of hope. We move on.

Moving on is never easy but in fairness what are we moving on from? We know the potential of the program if has the right people in the right places. It dosn't take miracles. The USC Football program is still a destination location for high school NFL wannabes. That won't go away any time soon. The fans are upset for the most part by the lack of communication coming out of Heritage Hall. Another weakness of the current administration. They sit on the problem. They act as if the fans will just be there for the team and the school over the long haul. Partly true but economically the Trojan fan base is a heated group unhappy with the misuse of their faith and trust. There may be a harsh reality for President Folt and AD Bohn if they don't learn how to talk to the fans in a way that is defined over decades of support by those loyal to the Cardinal & Gold.

Fight On

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