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Updated: Aug 4, 2022

I have to admit that when Mike Bohn first arrived on the campus and then built his staff I was going nuts that first season when nothing happened. I actually thought he came to USC with a plan and the keys to the city to remove the areas of the football program that were not performing and bring in his own team. I was impatient, like so many, and refused to give him the luxury of time to do what he was going to do as we have seen. Mike Bohn had a plan. For many at USC, we just assumed our ADs were appointed and they took care of Heritage Hall. Until the post-Pete era began there was no need to be concerned. Then there was. And ten years of wandering the hallways left everyone wondering what happened and better yet was going to happen and by who?

Mike Bohn came on board and took the initial heat. He had a very brief honeymoon. When the former head coach was not fired after that first season with Bohn as AD it was lights out and many were in disbelief that he couldn't see what we had seen and we were stuck with yet another wall flower of an AD. Well, we all witnessed the level of athletic director that we now have by his actions. His planning and willingness to take the heat and wrath of the fans, alumni, and media for doing what he believed in from Day One. He had a plan. The benefit of the doubt was never bestowed on Mike Bohn. Too many scars from the recent inaction of leadership lead many, like me, to question the move to Bohn yet again.

He had a plan. He built his staff. The staff had the autonomy to start fixing and building the core blocks of the foundation that led to the hiring of Lincoln Riley. Boom. Even with the flowery speeches with the PAC-12 Commissioner that we were right there with him, he had a plan to elevate USC beyond the PAC-12 who really can't compete anymore. They choose not to compete and here we are with the fantastic announcement that USC and UCLA are moving to the BIG 10 in 2024. It's not a rumor it's a fact.

Goodbye PAC-12 Network you worthless investment mistake of Larry Scott. It was time to move on years ago but 2024 will be exciting and what a football scheduler's dream to line up the BIG 10 with the new teams and existing legacy schools. This is going to be fun. This is going back to powerhouse building and exciting weekly games versus "trap games" and who are we playing again days of old. Bye Bye PAC-10. You had your chance.

Fight On

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