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USC One More Day

Thirteen years since Pete Carroll waved goodbye. The NCAA was locked and loaded with Paul Dee completely out of his mind to sink the threat to the south. No stopping the Non-Profit Billion dollar crime family. The NCAA has been the epitome of doing nothing for something. That something was filling the pockets of those loyal to the enterprise. Control the schools and keep the lid on anything that would enhance the product on the field. For USC Fans, this has been a dark period filled with coaching mishaps. Athletic Directors who seemed to be running wild with crazy antics, the infamous Tarmac Firing of Lane Kiffen. The pulling down of coach Sark at the podium was the quick fix promoting a resume that didn't warrant being a head coach at a Power 5 program in _________. I won't type his name. It was criminal just how much we were poisoned to believe and never saw the development of the rein of hell.

Then November 2021 comes. The college football season is winding down to the bowl season. Boom. News flash in Norman, Oklahoma, home to the Bates Motel, their beloved Coach Lincoln Riley is departing. He is on a plane to LA with a few of his friends, also some of the key staff of Oklahoma football. The fans are passing out all over the place as the news unfolds. Twitterville is on fire. Trending has a new meaning, and college football has now seen a blue blood program resurrected in one move. There will be the USC Fan side of the trending and the jilted fan base of the Oklahoma Sooners who went from loving their coach to now dusting off their "true" feelings about how bad it was in his tenure of winning football. Odd, but that's Oklahoma for you.

At 3 pm on Saturday afternoon on an extreme heat day, sorry Owls, the new era officially launches live for everyone to see what this team will look like post hell. Saturday, the Rice Owls will be on display and the prey of the USC Offense and Defense. The special teams of USC will also be on display, and when you have this level of star talent on one roster, the special teams will also be taking their game to new heights.

The captains for USC are set, and it's a strong group of Leaders on and off the field of play. Each with a voice that is being heard, and each leading by example.

Whether you are sitting on the fence or all-in this will be a Game One that will be unlike any we have seen since 2009. As the late owner of the Lakers coined, "ShowTime" will be on display at the Los Angeles Coliseum starting at 3 pm PDT.

Fight On

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