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USC Pre Spring | Depth Chart

With all the fun fake news and real news swirling around USC they had a perfect opportunity to enter Spring training camp with a new spirit. Less than 2 weeks ago, AD Lynn Swann pretty much summed it up at his $90/plate get together that the Football program was in good hands. Exicited about the prospects of turning the ship around in the harbor no less. He also stated that no players had 1st team or 2nd team status. A great way to enter spring. Full on competition the old fashioned way. There was so little positive updates from Swann that at least this one was a glimmer of competition Tuesday like feel. Hmm!

So, one has to ask the question when Head Coach Clay Helton releases a depth chart prior to the first snap in Spring Camp? A depth chart by definition a stack ranking of a teams ranked skill by position or role. Its quite simple and sends a message to those not listed first that you are not, at this time, considered top in your position. Simple as that. But the emotions of that simple release of a depth chart sends emotions on the team that tend to spiral and then there are the media pundits that like to spin these things.

So why would Clay not follow in AD Swann’s own words of two weeks ago and the let the play on the field establish the post-spring depth chart? A little competition never hurt a sports team. Or is he so in love with certain players and families that he can’t help himself and wants to be loved by those he visited with and covets as his Family in Faith Family Football mantra? This just makes no sense at all. All Clay has to do is behave like a CEO and let his staff manage their departments and players. Let the game come to him so to speak.

Time will tell with Helton and his ability to manage a program with so much history and expectations. He has lost a good deal of the fan base at this point and moves like this will not win anyone back. Perhaps he lacks that gear of maturity because he is learning on the job at a level that usually doesn’t afford someone with his background this type of pressure. He has everything to win this year so please leave the team alone, Clay. Trust in Graham and Clancy. Spend the time with Baxter to shore up the special teams and make sure the S&C program is not falling further behind. Thats enough for any coach let alone a learning on the job head coach in the power five world.

Fight On

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