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USC's Golden Recruiting Staff

The 2020 year is no longer in our present minds. Okay for some it will linger but looking at the accomplishments of the Trojans on the recruiting front has been a bright spot. Is it where it needs to be? No, it has a long way to go when the Blvd is lined with recruits competing to get into Heritage Hall. Trends looking good and I think it goes back to Dec/Jan of last year when AD Bohn set out to get the program elevated on the staff and the results for the 2020 staff were impressive in my humble opinion.

Graham Harrell came to town with tons of expectations and rumored genius-level capability when it comes to designing and executing a high flying offense. Most of us would agree with looking at year one 2019. But 2020 even with COVID-19 challenges Im sorry but this program gets a C-. No use of the TE's no real consideration to develop the RB's. Come on man.

Todd Orlando came in via Tom Herman's slice and dice and began to build a program. He inherited a very complex and elusive program under Clancy Pendergast. I will start measuring Orlando's grades after next year. Too soon to call.

Special teams coach Sean Snyder arrived with a special teams unit in complete disarray. He never showed any concerns for the talent or the past. He arrived and put his head down and from game one on we saw great strides in all aspects of the special team unit. Especially our punting numbers where we all witnessed a solid effort.

Mike Jinks gets a pass. Hell, he gets an A for his effort with the group but only getting 10-15% of the play calls is impossible to measure a running game. I may be off on those numbers but if I am you can correct me. We lost Stepp going into 2021 so Jinks has his hands full recruiting and developing a running game, which is what this program needs. No possible way to grade him other than recruiting and that was stellar.

Keary Colbert had the Mercedes of the program. He had all the touches and his unit excelled once again. London and Brown along with Tyler were lights out. Having Slovis for year two was key but he was not 100% physically that was key. No 2019 like production but a solid year given all the issues.

John David Baker another pass. What a waste of talent to not even get a peek at a play. Harrell has cost us dearly on this side of the offense and this is his pal? No grade for JDB but next year his guys better see some calls.

Tim Drevno is no longer with the staff. But think about his challenge. One you had Clay to you had an OC with a vision of the Air Raid offense and No RB influence. An offensive line has to go forward and be physical. Tim's group was backpedaling 90% of the time. Impossible to judge Drevno given his hand dealt.

Donte Williams was lights out in coaching and recruiting. He is the KEY to the future in my humble view. He was blessed to have #15 roaming behind the line and in the backfield. Tough to replace but Donte will figure it out. A+ performance.

Craig Navair shares in Donte's assessment as with Hufunga roaming the field the CB's and Safeties were dangerous. Big changes in the secondary and the Safeties are going to be looked at for a huge step up in 2021.

Gavin Morris last but not least had the player development hands full job. COVID-19 and overall logistic nightmares all around Gavin was a steady force and although the team broke down after the Oregon Game with respect to COVID he fought it well.

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Jan 09, 2021

Time will pass and my hope is that this staff stays and gets better with hopefully new leadership at the HC & OC level. USC is able to get back to a top 5 program but we have to go back to what that means and the basics of power 5 football. It's not that far away as we have a good core staff and a good locker room of talented athletes.


Unknown member
Jan 08, 2021

Well said my friend. Agree💯 I have been saying this too shall pass for too many years. But I am a loyal season tickets holder almost for 30 years. Seen the great, good, ugly, resilient etc... Love my SC 🏈 players and will back them 100% No Matter What!!! ✌️

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