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USC Seeding The Future Now

Every farmer knows that the fields will need tending every season. They know that the seeds they either harvest or procure will define their future now. So many pieces of the puzzle must all come together including the farmer's need for mother nature to do her part and provide the right weather at the right time.

USC Football, under the command of Lincoln Riley, is seeding the future now. Right in front of our eyes he has planted several fields all in parallel and is not stopping there. He is working with his staff to recreate and establish the cultural shift that only the seeds of today will bring change for tomorrow. His staff is in lock-step with each and every transitional planting of the message and focus of this new era for USC Football. Make no doubt about it.

Coach Riley has the reputation and the success over his young career as a head coach to will his new Trojan team to follow in his every command. They trust him. He is not easy on their lives as he expects greatness and reminds them of this with every success and misstep that he and his staff witness. In time this will build the directional change that cultural shift demands. Walk the talk. Be present. Most importantly be accountable to yourself and your team and family. Represent in your best ability to yourself and your team.

The early days of Coach Riley's seeding of the future is hypercritical. To win now, when this program was rudderless for 9-10 years under several missteps is no small feat and most likely overly ambitious. Winners don't win by taking the easy path or setting low bar expectations. They set their goals on the ultimate prize and spend an inordinate amount of their waking hours emphasizing this in their actions. They create a path to the future that they themselves have walked and can attest to.

Coach Riley is not backing off on "Win Now". He embraces it and continues to build trust that FIghtOn is back inside and out of Heritage Hall.


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