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USC Spring Football | Ready or Not

The Ides of March are nearing and the embattled Trojan Football program has a major chip on its shoulders. Time will tell if spring football is a launch pad or another slippery slope. The interesting note this spring is that the program fell so far off the rails that the potential for a big turnaround are there. The athletes are a mix of past and early enrollees as it should be for spring.

So why all the vibration? Why is there so much angst on this legendary program in 2019? Self inflicted wounds are all around the halls of Heritage Hall. They challenges with the program reach the highest of highs when you consider the management of the school and athletic program but herein is where this story begins.

USC Football is expected to compete. It attracts the best and brightest nationally and recently internationally. There are positive signs all around the 2019 program. Funny how that sounds as you sure as hell don’t feel it outside the program. This is what will ultimately separate 2019 from what could have been (like 2018) to wow can you believe it? This year has that type of potential including the hangman’s rope perhaps with 2 thrown over the limb.

This is where this story begins. For the fans and families of the players and 2020 recruits this spring is a message board. A tone is being sought. An internal sign to the outside world that Clay Helton and staff have listened and learned over the most difficult offseason anyone can imagine. They have to understand that the walls around the campus are listening and to not fear the inclusion of the base. They need to reach out. They need to address the need for cultural shift and to let this 2019 Trojan Football team sharpen that iron we heard about the last two years but rarely if ever saw evidence of this.

Imagine owning the best stable in the world of horse racing. Imagine owners and trainers lining up to pay you and have their prized possessions train on your terms in your facility. This is USC past not present. They have two out of three of those points but have lost their way when it comes to the Law of Attraction. Now they have that opportunity staring Lynn Swann and Clay Helton squarely in the face. Turn it around or turn around and don’t let the door hit you as this is it.

Fight On.

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