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USC The Day Before | Spring 2018

Just yesterday we were heading to the Cotton Bowl and then NSD 2 and boom tomorrow is the first day of Spring Camp.  Time is flying and this is not Fake News.  Watching the NFL combine this past weekend it really jumped out at me that we are seeing more and more early departures which is why Spring Camp is so important now more that ever for incoming early enrollee’s and last years scout team development to get real work.  Physical work.

For many of us loyal Trojan fan’s we have seen soft hitting and do not get hurt attittudes that was caused by lack of depth at every position.  Those days are over.  It’s time to add chin straps to the helmets in Spring and Fall camp.  Let the hitting begin.  Some of us remember the days when the players would echo that feeling that their games on Saturdays were easier than their practice.  There’s a a message there folks.  We need to bring this back to the practice field.  Bring back the loud booming noise to the simulation and let the chin straps buckle up.

Spring 2018 is a critical camp.  This camp without running back Stephen Carr is an opportunity.  Carr will be ready by Fall Camp but this is a diamond in the rough.  Let the RB’s fight it out and hit the line and second level with fierce contact.  Let them earn the right to show Stephen that he has his back covered and the rock can be distributed deeply on the second and third team.  This is an opportunity of the USC coaching staff to let it all hang out there.  Test the depth.  Change the culture now and don’t look back.  If someone gets hurt that happens and move the next guy up and in.  If we don’t get this done and move the attitude to a new direction then this years USC Football team will repeat the errors of the past.  To repeat failed methods in insane.  The talent is there.  Let the games begin.

Fight On!

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