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USC | The O Line Cometh

Sometimes you have to have faith. You have to believe in what willbe and not the anomaly of what happened. USC had an incredible game plan for Stanford last night. They tempted the skills of Stanford passing game and said “bring it” we are not going to let the run game steal this game. The past 10 years have been very lopsided when it comes to this storied rivalry. Dates back as the oldest rivalry of any Stanford opponent. There was always a reason to believe that this game would be a turning point to the season for the victor.

USC had many unanswered challenges comping off an opening season victory over Western Michigan. This game was almost too soon given the list of things needing improvement. Or was it? Maybe this was exactly what the players, coaches and fans needed to see just what is it that they are getting for the 2017 season. A cupcake game would not provide this but a game against a power house rival would. This game would dictate everything. And it did. It provided the world of college football a statement victory.

The game had a lot of flash on both sides. But one group and one team of five unique players won this game. The Offensive Line lead by Coach Calloway was stellar. They opened gaping holes for Rojo and Stephen Carr to run through and churn up the secondary of the Cardinal. They merely did their job as they would say but it was so much more than that. All five and the second group were dominant in their roles. Sam had the time in the pocket to see things that allow him to perform as Sam can. Ronald Jones and Stephen Carr showed the Pac-12 that they have as lethal a tandem at the Running Back position as anyone in the nation. All of this came together last night and the world will see come September 16th in the LA Coliseum that this train has left the building and they are in hunting season.

Great job and a tip of the hat to the O Line.

Special shout out to Chris Brown. That was a dominant game for you young man. Those holes were big enough for an old man like myself to run through them. Well done!

Fight On!

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