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USC Traditions | Trojan Knights

The USC Trojan Knights have served as the university’s official hosts dating back to 1921. Coming up on their 100 year anniversary of outstanding service to the school and local communities. They are well known within the community and bring smiles where ever you go unless you happen to be playing the Trojans on game day of course.

The Knights have had the pleasure or task of escorting private and public sector personalities for decades and they do it with class and the dignity of the program. Another very important role for Knights is the keeper and protector of the Victory Bell and standing guard over Tommy Trojan and hunting down all potential candidates to give up their body’s for the paint squad on game day.

The other great tradition was the Card Stunts. From the pure play USC internal messaging to the fun we have at the expense of the opposition visiting the Coliseum that day. Five hundred, give or take, cards all in sync and lowering the fun of the Trojan Knights on the poor unsuspecting crowd typically on the other side of the stadium in full view of the message. Has always been a treasure and a lost art at the same time. They disappeared during the 1980’s due to safety concerns with the spent cards being tossed or thrown in the stands. Bring it back, Knights!!!

Traveler was also introduced by the Knights as the official mascot in 1954. Arthur J. Gontier III who was a Trojan Knight rode a white horse in a game and seven years later Traveler became the official mascot of USC. Traveler gets the crowd going after every Trojan touchdown by riding around the stadium in a victory lap.

Finally the Notre Dame game. To the winner you sometimes may see a National Championship lining up but for every player and the schools the trophy is the Jeweled Shillelagh. This rivalry goes back to 1926 and is one of the most revered in all of sports. The two schools have achieved 11 National Championships as well as 7 Heisman Trophy winners each. The 12 inch trophy is a Gaelic war club that was made from oak and blackthorn shamrocks that denotes Notre Dame victories. Each year the winner claims the rights to protect and display this proud trophy.

Fight On Trojan Knights.

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