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USC Transfer Portal On HyperDrive

The Transfer Portal (TP) is going to be on hyperdrive mode from now till the end of April. As we watch many of the spring games and camps come to an end there will be many athletes fearing for playing time across the country. These players know that if they want to play in 2022 and leverage the TP they need to move before the end of the month and be on the campus of their new home in early May.

For the Trojans, this means everything if we think in terms of the short term and 2022. The roster today is still in need of a lot of work and although it appears that good progress is being reported the spring game should give us more of what we are hearing on camera. All with the pause button of course as this team is coming from such a low bar that anything we see now under Coach Riley will feel like a massive change. It is.

If USC can get 6-8 big dawgs for the offensive line and defensive line that have game experience then 2022 will have a very interesting storyline. The team will make progress this year and you can see it in the cameo film that is coming out under the watchful eye of the head coach. Rehab island was a key to me. It sounds like it's less of a discussion anymore during the post-practice media sessions which we all know is a huge step in the right direction. Under the former staff, this was 25% of every head coach opener even had to have a written list in his hands to read it all off. Rehab Island was a place to socialize and now it's a place where you want off the island fast to get back in the practice and max out your minutes on film to the staff.

So, have we learned anything? Have we seen any proof that the future is bright? I believe we have. I believe the recruiting of the future Trojans has been night and day. Now the close takes place and this staff can close. They will lose out on some as we have seen but I believe the message is clear. Stay home and allow your families to walk to the games so-to-speak and be a part of the next generation of USC Champions.

Fight On!

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