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USC Transitional Awareness

The decade of anger management is slowly moving out of the Trojan Family's present-day awareness. Gone are the constant drum sounds coming for the staff. Gone are the 140 characters a minute headed to Heritage Hall and all the Meme you can imagine. Today USC Football is poised to enter a transitional phase to get back to their glory days of yesterday. But we need to throw caution to the winds of spring as this team has such a big hill to climb from the wasteland left behind by the former staff. The Trojan Families are finally seeing that light at the end of the tunnel but it will forever be on our memories of just how bad things can get when an administration stops doing their job.

USC Spring camp is probably the hottest anticipation short of the USC Men's Basketball program about to head into the March Madness tournament. I won't rant on last night's loss to Arizona. Clearly, we all saw that and the only take aware was we were not ready for that level of play. The media has been trying to tell us that this year's team is good but not top 10 even though they have a seasonal record that could get them in the discussion. It's still a good season just not tough enough on the strength of schedule to warrant a top ten discussion today.

Lincoln Riley has the PAC-12 Football conference leaning in and starting to garner attention but nothing has happened other than the transitional awareness we all are undergoing. Spring camp starts soon and thus the beginning of what we will call the new Trojan look and feel. Gone is the loud drum banging from the previous head coach who talked about being this close every January leaning into springtime. No more. Now prove it. Go out there and get this locker room ready to compete at a level we haven't seen since Pete Carroll, John Robinson, and Coach McKay's days rocking and rolling the conference and the nation year after year.

Fight On Compete

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