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USC Trojan Fall Will Be Here Soon

When I came up with the title above it hit me funny. It wasn't intended to infer the fall of USC Football. We have already tripped and fallen out of the top power 5 rankings for a long time. We have a new AD in his 2nd year and seems content with winning the south given no indications that last year was a concern or dare I say, a pattern? Last year's performance was not that of a dominant team at 5-1 with the sole loss being a Conference Championship game against the Oregon Ducks who was a backup team for the true north champ, Washington.

I had to read that a couple of times. What a mess COVID-19 has presented the world and our little spec of dust college football. It's still here but the fall will be here soon. That we know. What it will look like should be much better than what we left behind in 2020. The vaccines are now spreading throughout the world and thus the USA. Different in many locations as to how you receive the injection and when but it's moving in the right direction.

We have our new platform up and running. It was a long twisting project but we are very happy with the results! We moved from WordPress to WIX and I could not be happier. Our GameDay code is very creative and it had been working in the WP platform for 2 years no issues so the port over to WIX took a bit longer and we still have one more tweak to go. We have been testing with the Bowl Games and now the NFL games so jump in it's free and it helps us continue to de-bug. The Fall season will be back to the Top 3 Money Play. No fee to play just skill to win!

Click Here to help us test the system: GAME-DAY

Fight On and please let us know what you think

Steve Levy Publisher

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