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USC Trojan Football Heads to Summer Camp

USC Football heads to summer camp. Exciting spring camp as we all just witnessed. Next up is the player only summer camp. A time and a place for the leadership among the players to develop and grow. It’s a time where the kids step up and speak their minds and develop those deep penetrating messages.

The spring camp ended with a modified game with referee’s but clearly not a live game as typically ends the spring camp. The decision to hold back was a good one based on the limited one’s and two’s of the offensive line due to injury. The camp ended with a good finish and no new injuries reported which is always a great way to end any camp let alone one that was billed as a new direction and potentially the beginning of a new and powerful run at national championships.

Summer Camp As the team heads back to class and practice is over for now the team will hunker down in the books and get their student-athlete portion of their very busy lives in high gear. Because this is such a hot topic it’s important that the athletes take this time seriously and get ahead of their academic requirements. Summer camp will be here soon enough and the NCAA’s latest rule change with respect to Two A Day’s being eliminated could result in an even earlier start to the Fall Camp. Perhaps the final 10 days of July. On this topic I say no. Let the schedule stay in August for the Fall Camp. The season is long enough and the kids need down time as do the coaches. Anyone who has been watching the evolution of the playoff system stretching the season see’s this.

When the regular season ends there is typically thirty days off before the bowl games. Some shorter some perhaps longer but the players are still active and focused. The time down is really a lengthening of the season and stress on their body’s and minds. The focus is clearly on academics of course during this time but rarely are they disconnected from the gridiron.

This years summer camp should unveil Sam Darnold’s vision of the team. He has that “IT” factor that we all witnessed last season and the players trust him deeply. The defense is thriving in knowing that he can sustain drives and give them the rest they need. In addition, having a Sam Darnold, allows the defense to be ultra aggressive. It will be interesting and exciting to see the new leadership develop and we will report on what we learn from now through summer camp.

Fight On.

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