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USC Trojan Football | QB Transition Time

USC Football finds itself in transition.  Spring camp is soon to close down and very little has been seen to truly separate a legitimate leader.  If a decision had to made now it would most likely be a platooning strategy.  Fink is the safe choice but is he the right choice.  He doesn’t press the ball deep.  Goes for the safe and short and controls the game.  On the other hand you have Sears and all that arm but wild at times and inaccurate as he learns to read whats happening a speeds he hasn’t been accustom too.

Then there is the looming incoming fall camp QB, J.T. Daniels.  Kid has all the press clippings of a proven starter and is still trying to graduate high school in record time to join the Trojans for fall camp.  Film looks good but film is great after a game to fix what is broken and to scout the upcoming opponent.  Learning is a constant but game experience is precious.  It takes time.  This batch of QB’s has zero experience to speak of.  Matt Fink got some game time and showed escapability but little is known on how he will handle the system and read the defensive side of the game.

One saving grace is that this group will be going against some of the best defensive players the Trojans have amassed in quite some time.  They are big and fast.  The defensive backfield is attacking and not questioning their moves.  So far the speed looks like its going to help groom the new incoming QB’s to be prepared for game day.  We hope.

Time like this you reflect. You go back in time and think about similarities.  Lucky for the Trojans its not that long ago.  The Trojans marched in to the horseshoe at Ohio State and a rookie QB1 by name of Matt Barkley played an amazing game with an even more amazing come from behind final drive the full length of the field.  So it can happen and it has in recent times.  Boy would we love to see that in 2018.  Will J.T. Daniels be the next Matt Barkley?  Will he see the gridiron with either Stanford or on the road in Texas?  Will Austin be his Ohio State?

Time will tell and fall camp will be here before we know it…..

Fight On!

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