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USC Trojans | Game Day

A timeless tradition. A clock that moves so slowly in the morning inching it’s way to your teams kickoff time. The chores that are being put off so we can watch college football game day on our least favorite network, ESPN. Ah for Saturdays. Wish it were just Saturdays as Im a traditionalist who believes that College Game Day is sacred and should only occur on Saturday.

This is our first game. This Saturday the USC Trojans face off against the University of Western Michigan. All eyes on the upset clock of course as one of the most revered and despised programs is always in the black hat chair when it comes to the upset watch.

USC Fans are on their toes this Saturday morning. This years team seems different. We’ve said this for three years now only to be disappointed. But what if. What if this years team with true depth and skill across the board is legit? This team has the tools to win the PAC-12 and represent in the college football playoffs. This team will be one of the greatest teams of all time and that is saying a lot.

You can book mark this page today. You can call me out in December if I’m wrong. But remember this page and refer to it often. The USC Trojans are back to vintage Trojan football. They will be a team to watch and they will execute in 2017.

Fight On

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