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USC Trojans | Holiday Spirit

It’s the night before the night before Christmas.  Trojan families are once again looking forward to an exciting bowl game.  This years bowl game has a lot to live up to compared to last years Rose Bowl.  On December 29th the Trojans will battle #5 Ohio State and once again take the field in Arlington Texas only this time for redemption on what will be on of the most watched games of the entire bowl season.

Trojan families are getting ready for Christmas Eve and then the big day on the 25th where we celebrate another year together with our families at this incredible time.  We have our football program heading in the right direction.  Improving year over year which many though disappointed that we are not in the playoffs again have to give thanks that we once again have taken a big step forward from where we came from over the last 10 years.

Are we where we want to be?  Champions of the Pac-12, battling in the Cotton Bowl against the Ohio State University?  Well by most traditional USC standards the answer is no but this program has a great future now.  This team will show the way for others to follow and take yet another positive step to the playoffs.

As we make those secret wishes for the future let’s hope that Sam and a few of his non-seniors eligible for the NFL choose USC for one more year.  Hard to argue RoJo going which I for one will greatly miss that young mans determination and hard work let alone incredible results.  But Sam could use one more year as can many of the eligible non-seniors.  So much to look forward to but lets keep the faith and focus on the Buckeyes for now and let everything else play out.

Good luck Trojans in Arlington.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Be safe and always stay focused and Fight On!


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