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USC Trojans vs Texas Longhorns | Game 3

It’s down to 3 days and counting for the big rematch of the two college football titans, USC and Texas. Twelve years ago at the fabled Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA the Trojans lost a heartbreaker to Vince Young and the Texas Longhorns. Twelve years in the making the two schools are now in agreement to play a home and away series of two game. For the USC fans this is a game that could not come soon enough. Well folks on Saturday evening at the LA Coliseum you have your rematch.

The USC Trojans are riding a huge win over arch rival Stanford. It was a game that rekindled that old feeling of a dominant and focused USC. Will it continue in to Saturday is a high probability as this team just found out how good they can be when all eyes and all hearts act as one. Flying around the field of play like it was their personal possession. Controlled violence that shook the limbs off the Cardinal last weekend.

The Texas Longhorns are still a team trying to figure out who they are. We have all been there with our Trojans. But this years team has a coach who has a history, albeit brief, of turning teams around quickly. They lost their home opener to a good Maryland team but not a great team. While USC struggled early with WMU they did pull way convincingly in the fourth quarter. Much like Stanford. This tells me that the Trojans are conditioned well and have no quit in their veins.

Texas is shaky at best. They are weak up the middle on the defensive side and the Trojans are punishing (ask The Cardinal) with a running tandem that is the envy of all. The USC offensive line should dominate on Saturday and if Sam has to throw he will be ready as always but this publisher see’s very little need to air the rock.

Exciting weekend ahead Trojan Fans.

Fight On!

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