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USC v Colorado Friday Night

Friday night football is just wrong. This day in the fall and winter is devoted to our High School kids and not college football. What a mess this has become. Ok, now on to tomorrow night and the Colorado Buffalos as they arrive in Los Angeles to take on the USC Trojans and have their entire season in one game. One win against the Trojans would be their bowl game for their season and, thus, a serious issue to motivate the team to play this game as their season depended on this night's win.

You can spin this any way possible and still get to the same conclusion that the Trojans should handle this game by halftime. Having said that, no one believes this will happen, given the defensive play of the last three weeks. So, how do you motivate the defense and the starters? It's actually quite simple. Do you want to play against Notre Dame and UCLA? This is your audition. This is your chance to hold on to your current starting position, and if you are not a starter, this is your game to become one. No favorites. Nobody is given a pass. Play and be the difference maker in turning this defense around or ride the bench.

Coach Grinch needs to be in their face with this message. The offense will do fine Friday night they will ring up a minimum of 40 points against Colorado but what I'm hoping to see is more of a run-to-pass ratio to control the clock and keep our defense off the field as much as possible. Crying out loud, we have the offensive line to do this and four strong running backs to keep pouring it on.

Nothing in those stats worries me. We should win and win going away, but we all know how we felt last week against a very suspect CAL offense, so who knows? Grinch has his hands full, and this could be one of his biggest games of the year to turn this around before we get to UCLA and ND on the schedule next.

My Prediction: USC 49 Colorado 19

Fight On

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