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USC v San Jose State MVP

First and foremost there were some really good efforts on Saturday. My MVP goes to Coach Todd Orlando who flat out had the defense ready. From next man up in Calen Bullock who played an amazing game and most importantly was ready. He was ready because Coach Orlando is building a program where it won't matter has the trust bi-directionally with the players. They get in the game with Coach O2 and

definitely are prepared. So my player MVP is going to Calen Bullock but man Greg Johnson and the entire secondary against a good SJSU QB out there were steady from the opening bell to the final bell with Johnson's interception settled this game once and for all.

I don't like choosing a coach as MVP. They don't get on the field of battle and have to make a difference physically. But that defense could be the KEY to USC taking the next step and winning not only the south but the entire PAC-12. Tip of the hat to Orlando and staff.

On offense we looked like a Clay Helton lead team. He chose Graham Harrell and thus this is on him. Graham is predictable as a play caller. His team lacks energy and pep. They stand around too much before each snap. Go back to the huddle and burst to the line like you are going to score every snap. Crying out loud.

Statistically the running game broke 150 yards with both backs over 4.5 yards per carry and Ingram over 5 on his own. This must continue to be a focus or this team will be a DC's dream every week.

Fight On - next up Stanford

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