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USC vs Oregon State Beavers Game 4

In the past few seasons when a team showed up at the Coliseum and on paper and throughout the media USC was deemed the favorite well you just had that uneasy feeling. Those who are close to the program know exactly what I'm talking about. Everything lines up so well. The talent the home crowd then the kickoff. Something was always happening that wasn't quite as we had hoped or the media had planned for the days outcomes.

The Oregon State Beavers could be a team

that can dominate the old Trojans. But just maybe and I mean maybe this new direction and attitude will take back the Tunnel and thus take back the field of battle. The Trojans are on a one-game streak. Nothing more nothing less. Same kids same coaches sans one and the same fans. So time has to take it's natural place and this program needs to start stacking "Change". Not talk it but actually deliver it. Go undefeated. Make it hard on AD Bohn and the Playoff committee in their respective roles as it relates to the future HC and of course the playoffs. I still see former coach Mora's face and comments on "Playoffs". Ya never know.

Oregon State is coming in the game with a redshirt sophomore quarterback, in Chance

Nolan, who actually began the Fall Camp listed as #3. So ya never know at the start of camps just what will surface. He replaced week one QB-1, Sam Noyer and has a pretty impressive stat sheet so far with over 600 yards in passing and a strong accuracy at a 70 percent completion rate to go with 5 touchdowns and no interceptions. In two games he has quite the resume and the team is number 3 in offense in the PAC-12 at the moment. I don't see this as an easy win but after Martin Stadium all bets are off on predictions.

Getting back to the Trojans and this game we have both Slovis and Dart in different levels of cautionary status as the team gets ready. Doubt we will see physical practices for either one going on today and Wednesday. Talk about a crazy start to a season you got it right here.

Fight On! BeatTheBeavers!

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