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USC Wide Receiver Room - A Different Opinion

Lincoln Riley hit the ground flying not running. He stated his vision he told us what he was going to do and short of finding time to find a home he has been non-stop relentless to make it happen now. Not tomorrow but now. One group of players was already looking good and yet he lands the #1 WR in the Transfer Portal. The Belitnkoff winner from 2022. Not just a wide receiver but the best the sport has to offer today. So you naturally have to be concerned about the USC WR room and how do they feel about the addition of Addison to the team.

If I was sitting in that room and saw this coming I would be sharpening my routes. I no longer will have the top defender concerned about me. I will have a lower-level DB lined up to try and stop me. Talk about a different view of the situation. This could elevate the WR group not named Addison to explode on the live screen in a way that seldom presents itself as it has for this year's team. I think that vibe is percolating in the team room. Imagine lining up and Caleb sees the double team forming up on Jordan and turns his head to you with a wink and a nod this is what will present itself come fall.

Time will tell ultimately and when someone tries to predict the future of what will be they sometimes fall short of the reality that occurs. But I see this WR Room as a group that is sharpening their knives. They know that single coverage is coming their way and at times a LB or S will be on them. Speed wins. Skill prevails. Time to have fun USC!


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