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USC24x7 College Football Game Day Contest

We are about to start our 3rd season or as some might say our 4th but I'm officially not counting last year. Our Game Day contest is a skilled-based game where each participant subscribes/registers to our site and then goes to the Game Day section. There you will find a season schedule with each game listed for you to guess the final score. The winning players will be judged on closest to the actual final score of both teams. You make your selections when every you want up to 30 minutes to kickoff where the game locks.

There is nothing to lose. There is only $$$ to win. We are working with our sponsors now to see how big the pool will be and it will be posted so you can see the 3 levels of pay-outs. It's important to play every week but we know that sometimes you forget. I always set my total season scores before week one. That way I have a full season. Then I edit the scores with what I learn about each team playing that week.

That's all for now. Oh, and I play but I don't count for the final $$$!

Fight On!

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Unknown member
Jul 05, 2021

My biggest hint to all of this is make your entire seasons picks on day one. Then each week come back and make sure you update your preseason picks as things happen with the players and the outlooks each week!

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