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USC24x7 GameDay !!

Our third season of USC24x7 GameDay is almost here. You need to be registered on the site first to compete. The game is simple. Guess the final score of each week's games. Closest to the scores wins. The platform will perform in-game standings live as well as show where you are for the season as we get rolling.

We need to have at least 20 players to offer a Cash Prize for the first 3 Players. Also, we reward players who play. That means if you are in 4th place, as an example, but you have played the most games during the year you would be the First Prize winner even if your scores didn't place you at the top. Our standings will sort based on Games Predicted (played) then low score. Like golf we rank you closest to perfect which would be a score of 0! Where else can you be a zero and win?

Go to our site, USC24X7 and register. Then click on GAMEDAY (Menu Button at the top) and make your picks. Guess the whole season. Then each week go in and tweak your predictions as things change during the season for all the teams.

Send our link to your friends who follow the Trojans and even those who don't. We have forums for the weekly games and a live chat area to get support if needed.

Fight On

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