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When The Axe You Chose Wobbles

USC came in to their second game of the season with high hopes of making a statement like other PAC-12 teams have stepped up to the plate and done so far this year. Stanford came in after a terrible week one and proved the experts right. The biggest level of week to week improvement occurs between week one and week two or game two. Stanford improved. USC took the wrong bus to the Coliseum and chose to regress or stay where they were and have been since oh about seven years ago.

The hopes of yet another Clay Helton vision of success and all his Faith Family and Football has once again done a 180 on his expectations. But what are his true expectations? What is it that he and his resume can produce? Winning the South. In Clay's simple world he has the greats job. The love of his life. His life's work and reason for being a head coach in college football. A modern day romance right in front of our eyes. He says the same thing every January and truly believes that the team is so close. But does he realize that these kids have options? They can leave the program freely as so many have fled the campus. So many that we don't even talk about it. He states that winning the South is the goal. He stops there. He can't rise above that low low bar he sets for himself and thus the team.

Stanford and David Shaw came in to this game after a horrible week one. They went to work fast and they set their sights on the Coliseum where Shaw knows how to prepare and win. He's no saint but he took a team that look like the bottom of the north and took aim at fixing that in game 2. Success. He beat the patsy of coaching in Clay Helton. The perfect mark when it comes to reviving your own program on a big stage.

To do the right thing is always the right thing to do. I have heard this over my professional career all too often. When I look at the administration of USC Football I find it sad that they don't follow such a simple but effective principal and belief. AD Bohn is either hog tied to his desk with NO authority to act or he truly believes in this D2 Coach at best.

Washington State is up next. I dread another team feasting on this group of kids. It's unfair to take a limping horse any further. AD Bohn, DO THE RIGHT THING.

Fight On

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Unknown member
Sep 12, 2021

Amen to that. Our 🏈 guys deserve better. Extremely undisciplined by the whole coaching staff. Clean house. I want a refund for my season tickets 🤬


Sep 12, 2021

I just wanted to see everyone knew that Sam Cunningham died at 71. He played an outsize role in the integration of college football.. He was inducted into the Rose Bowl Hall of fame in 1992.

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