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College Football Insanity | Groundhog Day Live

When you win a game and your fans feel the pain of a loss is it a win?  The USC Trojan football program is part of the PAC-12 South which team to team does not stand the acid test for a Power 5 program.  None of them.  I will go so far as to say we shall see on Colorado.  When the home crowd leaves the game in the third quarter as they are watching their beloved team lose to the visitors and then as they get home or get to their favorite watering hole they are amazed at their team fighting back how does that happen?

USC’s football coach, Clay Helton, made a big investment in the word Physicality.  I actually thought that was made up at first.  You know what?  I was right.  He really didnt mean the team was going to pound and punish.  He meant balance the run with the pass. Ok, so what is physicality then?  Does he know?  A team enters the halftime locker room up 17-0.  Coach has them all on their benches and lifts their spirits to come out fighting and crush this opponent and show themselves and the fans we are USC.  Well, we did go in the locker room.  We  did come out but we left all of our discipline on the bench including our head coach being penalized for trying to tackle the line judge.  Nice one Coach.  This team came out and said we won.  We can coast.  We can talk trash and slap the Wildcats embarrassing them in front of their home crowd.

Insanity is repeating the same mistakes over and over.  Insanity is not correcting or seeking help for what ales you.  This team is living proof that the true definition of insanity is alive and well.  This is driving everyone to a point where they cannot come up with a single fix.  Is it the talent?  Is it the preparation each week?

The new wrinkle in the USC practice schedule is this Mastery Thursday.  Has Lynn Swan sat through this?  Seems to be promoting some terrible discipline come game time.  Is this our problem.  Or has insanity taken control of the program.  We are witnessing what happens when you have critical leadership all learning on the job.

  1. Clay Helton: no history of winning at the head coach role

  2. Tee Martin: no history of managing or winning as an offensive coordinator

  3. Lynn Swan: not visible and no history of running a Power 5 program as Athletic Director or any level

Clay starts off his post game presser with the KEY.  All positive.  He should have watched Penn State head coach Franklin and his taking ownership and not trying to Clay Candy Coat everything.  This fine man cannot lead as he cannot see the depth of his problems.  “Good Win” “Can’t wait to get home” “I love all wins”.  He didnt even remind us that he needs to address his 15 yard penalty at a critical juncture.  Mastery Thursday?  What the hell is that?

Fight On

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