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Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Wow, groundhog day take year 5. That’s what I kept thinking through 56 minutes of that game. Maybe the problem is us and not Clay Helton. He is actually very consistent as a Head Coach and his teams are flawless in his version of college football. That’s the purest way to look at this Trojan Program today under the coaching of Helton. The late Denny Green says it best, may he rest in peace. The ASU Sun Devils played a very good game and took what Orlando was providing with the 3 man rush and played to the lack of a QB Spy. So as we applied pressure, they weaved through to the middle where very little resistance was available. The television doesn’t lie so Orlando has a lot of footage to run with and figure out where the breakdowns were in the line and LB’s. That’s what I saw and watched again today. They figure out how to keep the pressure on without becoming a victim to their own aggressiveness then Orlando will begin to emerge as a great decision to rebuild a once-proud defensive program

ASU will watch the same tape and probably become angry. They prepared well. They made a high octane offense a mere average adversary and did it over and over again. Then they forgot the key to success. You have to finish. Hunters hunt their prey and finish what the started. The Sun Devils thought it was over and the results we have been the victim of a few times as well. You have to finish off the opponent.

Kedon Slovis had an interesting game. One area I think was missing was his ability to make the reads faster. He locked on primaries and didn’t survey as was his challenge as a true freshman (all expected). The O Line was poor but Slovis wasn’t helping them by constantly holding the ball and when he made quick decisions it wasn’t to the secondary targets it was to the check down for very little yardage. On the positive, Kedon has that cool. He never lost that once. Actually saw him throw it away today properly. Thats maturity and growth but I want to see more down field secondary target found and hit. He took the easy way out too often in my opinion. He had an ok game. Stats show a much better game than Im giving him credit for but its a game one no fall camp to speak of and a lost spring. Lots of question marks.

Arizona up next. Win and Move On. Lose and 2021 planning begins immediately

Fight On!

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