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USC Football | Welcome Back

Every season has hope some have a ton of hype. For USC Football we tend to have both. The 2020 season was strangled by an attack via a pandemic we all have been living through. Choices were made based on local protocols and the availability of protective PPE and well-designed protocols. When we watched the Power 5 take different approaches to start the season it hurt the conferences like the Pac-12 that chose to wait and possibly cancel the entire season.

Ironically it was the Pac-12 that announced new and innovative technologies that actually enhanced the safety of the players and staff with fast-acting testing kits. Larry Scott chose to be ultra-conservative and hold. The world of college football played on and is having good success. Sure there have been games canceled and players who strayed from their protocols along with staff but statistically, those who did FightOn are fairing well.

So, here we are the day before the most anticipated start to a season for USC Football. The Arizona State Sun Devils are a 9 am appointment. Yes, at 9 am. Why this is scheduled at this hour is beyond the imagination of most as it makes no sense at all. Many Trojan faithful that I have been talking to are more excited about this win or go home season as it will display the full potential of this new staff and players. Do they have the attitude to win under this type of pressure and the courage not to break the daily safety protocols? I believe USC is doing very well on these topics. I believe they will not experience major setbacks caused by COVID-19. What I want to see is that Tunnel Attitude. The Thundering Herd coming through the tunnel and on to the field of battle. Where opposing teams stare when they are supposed to be focusing on their warm-up and game plans.

This is what I’m hoping to see and it’s the biggest question mark hanging over Clay Helton. No tomorrows.

Fight On

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