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NCAA |Transfer Protocol

First and foremost not a fan of the current version. The Transfer Protocol has become way to loose and open to interpretation and now is impacting all sides of the equation. The concept of the Transfer Protocol is not difficult. It was developed to allow for players to move from one University to another. Sounds pretty simple doesn’t it. Well let the games begin the circus is in town. Rev up the band as they say!

What should be an option that serves a special needs purpose has turned in to a get out of jail free card. In fact, now you can enter the protocol head to your new favorite shiny school and come back. I do not fault the players or the family. They are merely exercising their rights within the NCAA’s definition of the Transfer protocol. But is it working? I can picture all these people sitting around figuring out how to steal from one University football program to serve their needs. Not accusing but lets face it if you plant a seed in the dirt and take care of it with the proper sunshine and water well you should see it grow.

The latest events in the Transfer Protocol circus is Bru McCoy. Special circumstances clearly are involved here as he made his Hollywood Video commitment to USC then enrolled in to class. Spent a couple of weeks in class then with the loss of Kliff Kingsbury suddenly weighing heavy and the uncertainty of the USC Staff in general he enters phase one of the TP. He falls in love with Austin and the Longhorn program and staff. Then a few months later kaboom. He re-enters the Transfer Protocol program (didn’t know you could even do that) and after a brief stay in the ticket booth he is rumored heading back to where he started and USC.

On the surface, the intent of the program seems to be good. But does it allow for too much and does it introduce a hazardous direction to all involved? What say you?

Fight On

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תגובה אחת

12 בדצמ׳ 2022

The process is creating a very toxic environment for the student-athlete. Two examples are Tennessee QB Hooker, now 25 and w a torn ACL, he pry is not going far in NFL. Coastal Carolina QB obviously got a phone call and just today declared protocol.

Oh let's not forget the INCARNATE WORD QB who just broke FCS touchdown record, and will most likely set NCAA record. He's in his 7th year, and 5th team.

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