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Reggie Bush

It’s that lull in the year where you sit back and reflect You think about what transpired in the last season and try and see how things will improve going in to the spring and fall camp. But then you find yourself sitting there and smiling. You smile at the history of your school and the players that you just can’t stop focusing on. For me there are many great USC Trojans but one stands out. One makes me play the video over and over. Reggie Bush.

Reggie Bush had that click gear. That gear that no one else had. The hips that did things that made you hit the rewind button over and over. Reggie had it all. Like Magic Johnson of the Lakers, Reggie had that look and that big smile. Genuine. When you first saw #5 in his uniform you would do a double take. Not super sized but solid. His physical presence was right there in front of you.

The funny thing about Pete Carroll’s run with the Trojans and Reggie Bush was magical. Everyone on the defense or kick return side of the ball knew who to look for. But it didn’t matter. He always got the ball. No decoy with Reggie although there was a Rose Bowl I can think of where I wish Pete had a least had him in there to give Lendale White more running room. Couldn’t resist.

Reggie belongs in the Coliseum. His jersey should be there with the greats of Trojan past. His games were played. His moves were witnessed. He won games by showing up and then finishing. Every play matter with Reggie because he knew the defense was looking for him. Hell, he ran right at the first level most of the time but God forbid you were a linebacker or D Back. He made moves that today defy the laws of physics. Hips that twitched one way and his body went another. Reggie had it all. He was a media darling when the school was driving a dynasty.

We miss those days but thanks to technology we can relive those moments any time we want and preserve the amazing history in the present day. We hope the University looks to the future and reinstates a great trojan. He gave his all to us. Time to reunite and light that history back up so the kids of the current and future view the good things that Reggie Bush did.

Fight On #5

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