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Stephen Carr #7 | It’s His Time

If ever there was a time it’s now for Stephen Carr. Carr arrived at USC with fantastic talent and injuries, and a tough back injury has curtailed the full Stephen Carr. Sure we have seen spots and shots of what could be very special. The path is clear in 2019, and the ball is his to clutch and carry the running back university back into the limelight. This #7 has all the potential of all the great running backs of the past.

The staff has it’s hands full as the Trojans in 2019 has enough talent to run two full running back crews. Will they use the talent effectively? Will the O Line step up to the level of USC Trojan past performances and carve out the D Line so that Carr and his running mates will be staring down the level two defenders and use that God given talent to evade and pursue the end zone regardless of where the snap occured? Stephen Carr has that type of twitch speed and vision to take it to the house from anywhere on the field. He does’nt need a wide opening he just needs an opening. This young man can bring it and time will tell if he is ready to take his rightful place on on the grass of the remodeled Coliseum this fall and hopefully winter season.

Running back university has an opportunity with Graham Harrell’s new offensive leadership to actually make the running game even more effective. Not knowing where the snap will end up offensively will allow the line to dictate and the running backs to take full advantage of the air raid offensive genius that it brings to the game. Stephen Carr should be a multi option offensive weapon. His vision and speed along with his ability to be a receiving weapon will make him a huge defensive nightmare.

Key for Stephen Carr is to get ready physically and stay healthy. Not one to hold back so a little luck is also on the table as injuries can and will happen. This year is Carr’s. I for one am looking forward to seeing the back of #7’s jersey heading in to the end zone often.

Fight On!

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