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Summer Camp | Leaders Rising

College football goes from recruiting and the circus within the media. Then heads to spring camp where everyones affraid to get to the pads. Which leads to summer camp where the players get to know each other without their beloved coaches. To the ultimate camp, Fall. So where do the leaders really come from? The QB position has always been the natural assumption on the offensive side of the ball. The linebacker tends to take on the role for the defense. On special teams well pick one they are all playing at full tilt to be able to seek a true leader.

So I tend to see the summer camp as that time where true leaders evolve. Where the inner voice tells them its their time and take the reins during the player run practices and behind the scenes whether its off the field of play or on it’s not and on-off switch. Leaders lead all the time. They set the example and they make examples of themselves in a positive way to allow others to step up and follow a path towards a strong team bonding experience.

For those of you who have put up with me all these years the other place I look for the QB’s to naturally lead is the huddle. But as we all know, the huddle is gone. Now its up-tempo offense and we have lost a great part of the game in my humble opinion as those 10 seconds or so in the huddle is where the old style football warriors gave that little extra to motivate their teammates to take that extra step and rise above the competition. That cannot occur at the line of scrimmage. Imagine if they went back to this?

The Trojan football team needs leaders in all three areas of the team. Offense and Defense as well as Special Teams lack that known entity. Plenty of personalities to choose from but who will step up. Player only camp which is summer camp is where this can take great strides and begin the development phase that sets the tone for the season. This 2019 Trojan team needs to resolve this early and get buy-in the natural way. On the field of play.

Fight On

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