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USC | A School With No Visible Leadership

Wide open topic here.  But right now and prior to the Notre Dame game Saturday we are all watching the demise of a football program.  No if’s ands or buts.  This was planned and paid for Chaos.  The Board of Trustees have allowed an all Intern staff to emerge.  USC should be embarrassed by what is going on with the football program leadership yet they clearly approve.  They watch the Coliseum be dismantled from its once Super Bowl status (size) to now maybe hosting a California High School Championship one day.

Nine months ago a decision was made by Intern Lynn Swann to extend the contract of head coach Clay Helton.  Clay did nothing wrong he signed that offer of extension before it hit the desk.  In duplicate.  No fault to Clay.  Lynn Swann walks around with spare Super Bowl rings in his pocket to display at any moment.  Who does that?  Now as the worst season in recent history comes to a numbing end against Notre Dame (ain’t gonna be pretty) we pound the pavement in disbelief on the prospect of 15 years more with Clay Helton.  He’s the wrong guy.  Lynn Swann in in way over his head and with an ego that is hurting at the seams.  Not sure why given he is the AD of record for this great performance by his prized asset.

If you were Lynn Swann what would you do.  Had he not extended Helton with this unwarranted offer nine months ago then its a clear path the saying goodbye after the loss to Notre Dame.  Helton has lost to the very programs that USC has to beat but in all cases with the exception of the Rose Bowl against PSU we were dismantled on national TV.  Recruiting anyone?  So, Swann does not want to be sitting across from his new President explaining what he did to the University at time when scandals and law suits were swarming the school.  Swann did just that.  He wants to go in the meeting with the following pitch.  I extended Clay Helton for all the reasons you see in years 1 and 2.  Rose Bowl and then PAC-12 Championship.  Clay had a tough year 3 but we knew it was going to be a challenge with a new QB to install and the loss of so many key players to the NFL.  We never anticipated a 5-7 record that is never acceptable at USC but we have a plan to get all over it starting this spring.  The recruits are excited to see the same coach they signed up to.  We are just fine.

The fanbase that was clearly divided is now united.  We see the problems we are not blind to what showing up each week.  The man is lucky to be in his job.  It’s a program he says he loves but he truly doesn’t understand the keys to success.  After every loss including UCLA he relishes on how great the game was and praises the other team as if they a playoff bound program.  Sick.  Embarrassing.  Every time he is on an interview that same stupid grin is present.  Faith Family Football and Happy Sunday.  Thats what you get with Clay Helton.  He is delusional and deflective of all direct questions pointing at the core problems.  You can see when he is lying when a zoom in shows the blotches on his neck which is a natural reaction to someone not quite sure of the statements.  I used to be on the Pro Helton sideline.  But one I saw the big game trending losses mounting it was clear he is not cut from the right cloth to run captain of the USC Trojans.

In summary, two people need to go.  First Clay Helton and the Lynn Swann.  Lynn disappears and becomes mute when the pressure kicks in.  I would fire him first quite frankly but then who would fire Clay.  Time to step up Board of Trustees.  You are on the clock.  Either show your Fight On or accept the empty coliseum coming you way soon.  This has hit the lowest level of acceptance with your fans and their is little tolerance left.  Your luck so many fans and donors love the USC Tradition.  Even that comes with a price.

Fight On

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